Rates & Policies for Our Vacation Accommodations near Kennebunkport Maine

All rates are subject to change and policies shown below.

April 13 to June 22 (Rates vary with date and room type) 
Standard Rooms: $129-$199
Multi-rooms: $199-$249

June 23 to September 23 (Rates vary with date and room type) 
Standard Rooms: $149-$299
Multi-rooms: $249-$329

September 24 to October 28 (Rates vary with date and room type) 
Standard Rooms: $129-$229
Multi-rooms: $199-249

Christmas Prelude – December 1st to 10th. Call or email for rates.

NOTE: Rates vary between the prices shown within the date ranges and are subject to change without notice. Please call or inquire online for current rates. See below for rate details and reservation policies.

Limited availability for lowest rates.



Hotel Policies

Prices: Prices shown, and all advertised rates may change without notice. Rates are guaranteed for a reservation only when a deposit for that reservation has been made. Call or inquire for current rates. Rooms at published lowest rates may be sold out.

Reservations: Reserve early to hold current rate; peak-season (June to September) tends to fill up quickly. All rates are locked in at time of deposit and will not change unless the reservation is moved to a different date at which time the rates for those dates would apply.

Deposit: A deposit of 50% of stay is due at the time of reservation. Remaining balance is due upon arrival. A valid credit card is necessary to hold the reservation and to cover any charges incurred while staying at the hotel. Reservations for more than 2 rooms for the same or similar dates may require payment in full for the entire stay for all rooms to hold the reservation during peak season June 1 to September 10.

Payment Methods for Balance after Deposit has been made: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and cash or traveler’s checks (US currency only). A credit card is required at time of check-in and an amount for estimated charges may be authorized at that time. Payment by cash without a valid credit card requires payment in full at time of check-in.

Minimum Stays: Certain dates in July and August and most Holiday weekends require a 2 or 3-night minimum stay. Those seeking shorter stays during that period of time should still call in case there is an opening.

Occupancy, Rates, Guest Ages: Rates are based on single or double occupancy of at least one adult (18 or older). An additional fee of $25 per night applies for each additional person 17 years or older. Children 16 and younger stay at no charge** in standard rooms, however children 4 years and older count towards maximum room occupancy. The maximum occupancy per room is determined by the bed type in each room with a full bed having a maximum of 2 people, a queen – a maximum of 2 people, and a twin having a maximum of 1 person. The exception would be children 3 years old and under who may share a bed with 1 or 2 adults or 1 or 2 other children depending on the bed size. If the number of adults and/or children have changed by the time of check-in, please update the numbers at that time. Not disclosing the correct number of adults or children may result in the hotel requiring additional fees and/or immediate departure without refund for early departure.

** A fee of $10 per night applies for each child in multi-room accommodations. 

Cancellation Policy: Reservations for four (4) or less nights: deposits are refundable less a $25 cancellation fee if we are notified at least eight (8) days prior to arrival date. Deposits for reservations that are cancelled seven (7) or less than seven (7) days of arrival date are non-refundable. Reservations for five (5) or more nights: deposits are refundable less a $25 cancellation fee if we are notified at least fifteen (15) days prior to arrival date. Deposits for reservations that are cancelled fourteen (14) or less than fourteen (14) days of arrival date are non-refundable. For cancellations the day before your arrival or the day of your arrival, or “no shows”: deposits are non-refundable, and you are responsible for the entire stay. There are no refunds or partial credit for early departure.

Taxes: Advertised and quoted rates do not include prevailing Maine State Hotel Tax which may change without notice.

Retreats and Group Stays: The Franciscan Guest House is open for group retreats–dates are subject to availability. A minimum group size is required for many dates. Please call for pricing and available dates.

Check-in: Generally, check-in is 3 pm or later. Late check-in is available. The front desk closes by 8 or 9 pm. If you plan to arrive after 8 pm, please call the front desk beforehand at 207-967-4865 to coordinate your arrival and check-in with the front desk. 

Arriving Early: Guests are welcome to arrive to the property earlier than 3 pm and use our parking to walk to the beach or downtown to shop or to enjoy our local cuisine.  Guests may also picnic on the property and use our pool while awaiting check-in.

Check-out: Check-out is by 11 am so the rooms can be cleaned in time for incoming guests. Late check out may incur fees. After check-out, guests are allowed to remain parked on the property until 2:00 PM.

No Dogs or Pets allowed: Guests are not allowed to have dogs or other pets in guest rooms or in their car overnight. 

Service Animals: Under Maine’s Human Rights Act and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities have the right to be accompanied by their service animals in restaurants, hotels, stores, theaters, and other public accommodations. However, under the ADA and Maine law, owners of public accommodations are not required to allow emotional support animals or pets, only service animals. Public accommodations in Maine must comply with both state and federal law. 

No Smoking: Tobacco or E-cigarette smoking is not allowed inside or within 35’ of hotel buildings, pool area or the Monastery buildings including the Chapel.

Breakfast: Breakfast is not included in room rates; however, complimentary coffee and tea is available in the lobby each morning of your stay.

Vehicles: Buses, trailers, campers, RVs, and any vehicles greater than 18 feet in length are NOT permitted on the property. No exceptions.

Barbecues: The hotel provides small charcoal barbecues that may be used in the designated parking lot area 25 feet in front of the garage. The grills are not allowed to be moved more than 10′ from their original location. Guests must supply their own charcoal and source of ignition. Propane, Butane or similar gas of any kind is not permitted.  Barbecues must be put out with water when finished and must be extinguished by 9 pm. Barbecues may only be operated by adults 18 years and older and may not be left unattended at any time.  Guests retain liability for all use of barbecues. 

Additional Policies:

1. Non-Smoking Property: Guests who smoke in non-smoking areas may be subject to a fine in excess of $200 per incident including any fees assessed by the fire department and fire alarm company should they activate the fire alarm system. If the guest causes the fire alarm system to activate due to smoking or any other hazard, they will be required to check-out and depart immediately without any credit or refund for early departure. Cigarette butts and ashes are not allowed to be emptied into any interior garbage cans. All cigarette butts and ashes must be disposed of in proper ash cans. Please help keep our property clean and do not leave cigarette butts on the grounds of the property.

2. Late Check-out: If you would like a late check-out, you must inquire at the Front Desk the morning of your departure and get an approved time from the Front Desk staff. Guests who do not depart by 11 am may incur a $50 fee and luggage may be packed and moved by the housekeeping staff. 

3. Guest Decorum: All hotel guests are required to exhibit appropriate decorum at all times and maintain a level of sound in their room that does not disturb other guests in nearby rooms. In particular from 9 pm to 8 am are quiet hours and guests are expected to keep sound levels at low in their room so that they will not bother nearby guests during that time. Talking in a normal voice is fine but shouting and yelling and cheering are not to occur during quiet hours. Rooms in the hotel are insulated but are not soundproof and loud noises can be heard in adjacent rooms. If a guest disturbs a nearby guest such that a complaint is made to the hotel and the hotel must give a refund or discount, the guest who made the noise will be responsible for paying to cover the loss to the hotel. No visitors are allowed in guest rooms during quiet hours nor are any visitors allowed over the maximum occupancy of the room at any time.

4. Room Damages: Guests are responsible to pay for any damages to their guest room or the hotel property as determined by the hotel. The hotel has the right to put a hold up to but not limited to $300 for an estimated dollar amount for repairs on any credit card provided to the hotel by the guest should any damages be found to be the responsibility of the hotel guest or any of their invited guests visiting the room or the property. The hold will be until the cost of repairs has been determined and then the guest will be charged that amount on their credit card.

5. Recreation Equipment Storage: The hotel does not provide any storage location for recreation items. Surfboards, bicycles, boats or any other inflatable or outdoor equipment are not permitted in the buildings and especially are not permitted in the guest rooms due to possible damage to hotel property. These items can only be left in or on your car when not in use. The exception are bikes that may be locked to hotel-provided bike racks if any are provided. The hotel is not responsible for any theft or damage to bikes kept in the hotel bike racks.

6. Additional Temporary Beds or Sleeping Arrangements: Roll-a-way beds, sleeping bags, cots, air mattresses and similar are not permitted in any Franciscan Guest House guest rooms. The only exception to standard bedding provided by the hotel is that guests may bring their own pack-and-plays for children 4 years and younger.  Guests may not sleep on any floors or in their cars or on the exterior of the buildings from sunset to sunrise. There is no camping with tents or sleeping bag anywhere on the property. Adults and children 5 years and older must sleep in the beds provided in their guest room. Maximum occupancy per bed for those 5 years and older are one person per twin bed, 2 people per full bed, 2 people per queen bed.

7. Cooking Equipment: No cooking is allowed by guests in any guest room nor inside any part of the hotel. Guests must use the grills provided for their use by the hotel in the summer and cannot bring their own grills. Cooking equipment not allowed in the guest room or anywhere on the property includes hot plates, slow cookers, toaster ovens, or portable cooking stoves. The hotel reserves the right to remove any cooking equipment found in any room until the guest checks out and may ask the guest to leave without a refund.

8. Room Issues: If there is an issue with your guest room, the hotel reserves the right to rectify the problem within a reasonable amount of time of the guests stay. If the hotel is not given the opportunity to resolve the issue by the guest by notifying the hotel Front Desk staff, then the hotel will require payment in full at check-out.

9. Advanced Bookings: Guests may not request to reserve a room more than a year in advance of the current date of request. Rooms are not considered booked until a deposit is accepted by the hotel. Deposits are not accepted until hotel rates are published for the date of the request.

10. Assigned Rooms: The hotel assigns the room(s) and has the right to change the room number without notice to a different room number but with the same types and numbers of beds. If the guest’s room goes out of service, and no room with the same types and number of beds is available, then the hotel reserves the right to move the guest to a smaller room with a discount or to a larger room at no additional cost. The guest may be notified by phone or email of the change in room type in advance of arrival if possible. They may also be notified upon arrival that the hotel has made a change to the type and number of beds in their room.

11. Maximum Stay: Reservations and stays are limited to 21 days for every 6 months for any guest rooms on the hotel property or its affiliated properties. 

12.  Pool:  A saltwater pool is available most days during the summer for guests of the hotel. There is No Lifeguard on duty. All children under 14 years old must be accompanied by a parent at all times. The guests cannot invite non-guests to the pool unless they purchase a day pass from the office. The pool is not open after dark and may be closed at any time without explanation. No towel service is provided so please bring your own towels and do not use the hotel bathroom towels. An extra fee may apply if the hotel has determined that hotel bathroom towels have been used at the pool by any guests. 

13.  No Fireworks/No Firearms:  Fireworks and firearms of any kind are not permitted on the Franciscan Guest House or Monastery properties. Possession of fireworks or firearms may result in eviction without refund. 

14. No Package Deliveries Accepted: Do not send any packages to arrive before your check in date or after your check out date. All packages will be refused unless they arrive on the day of or during the guests stay. No hazardous materials are allowed to be sent to the hotel. The hotel is not responsible for damage or loss for any packages delivered to the Franciscan Guest House at any time.